Wikli -- still to do
regulars: Cinema, library, Theater, Farmers Market, BeatWalk
regulars are "sticky" -- special NewPage module? How to consistently show their images?
page-tags -- _draft, _%%date%%, _sticky, _broadcast, news
wikli-items: sort _sticky/%%title%% | %%title%% | _news
Wikli:_footer, we'll post that on YYYY-MM-DD, convert format
can I convert enddate, nextdate to a readable date?
check positioning of _subscribe ? onhover
confirm all links in "subscribe"
wikli:_items, use includes to call custom _sticky images
wikli:_items, singular/plural comment/s
wikli:_items, show comments only when there are some.
wikli:_items, resolve email-address rendering problem in _sticky
navigator buttons for Wiklis, with hover?
build a draft Wikli, make it clear how to edit.
move feedblitz html form onsite
attach wikli-fix rss to pipes, feedblitz, etc
update feedblitz subscriber widget
same format for Wikli signup and Wikli-item create buttons
new members feed, only if there are new membs
update twitterzens to be more explanatory
add an RSS bug to the blogossiphere
iftag -- "draft", then link to "Wikli" otherwise to current one
wikli:_flickr -- can I center 1-3 images?
collapsible -- final paragraph is spaced differently
pipes blogossiphere -- resolve title-shortener ($1)
blogossiphere images -- hover, show title
photos -- update gallery css to make darker backgrounds
v QUESTIONABLE ------------------------------- POSSIBLE ^
regulars -- maybe we should just rely on the current system of included items.
wikli-item:cinema draw from a feed (nested modules...)
pipes blogossiphere -- hover -- show the blog's first paragraph
can we call this CSS class in the latest photos section?
Wikli:current -- draw from wikli + wikli-item separately?
v NOT YET POSSIBLE ---------------------- QUESTIONABLE ^
wikli:_items, insert variables for start and enddates
wikli:_items, default-out %%author%% (@@) w/include
Can we ListPage (start, wikli:current) using included variables?
Select by date OR by tag, and still have a single list?
for top menu listpages links, inline modules?
wikli:_items, vertical align comments link, line it up with "more"
in Wikli:_footer, alt text for q.png
Wikli-fix pipe -- regex the link to Wikli:2010-05-26
wikli-fix: exclude %%content{4}%% from RSS feed?
make Wikli-fix like Wikli-item -- small pic, short text, collapsible
layout:wikli, wikli-fix listpage created_at = "="
wikli-fix -- how to link to items without reloading the page?
front page -- ListPage the latest wikli alert, link to good stuff.
move wikli alerts to listpages-based feed
Here is a place for your title Click me to edit ! false
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