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Amber at the Rainier Valley Post doesn't want direct links from the Wikli's blogossiphere, because gossip just isn't her brand.
We still say you should check in with her.

Columbia Citizens' discussion

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Hillman City Posts

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Wikli -- still to do
regulars: Cinema, library, Theater, Farmers Market, BeatWalk
regulars are "sticky" -- special NewPage module? How to consistently show their images?
page-tags -- _draft, _%%date%%, _sticky, _broadcast, news
wikli-items: sort _sticky/%%title%% | %%title%% | _news
Wikli:_footer, we'll post that on YYYY-MM-DD, convert format
can I convert enddate, nextdate to a readable date?
check positioning of _subscribe ? onhover
confirm all links in "subscribe"
wikli:_items, use includes to call custom _sticky images
wikli:_items, singular/plural comment/s
wikli:_items, show comments only when there are some.
wikli:_items, resolve email-address rendering problem in _sticky
navigator buttons for Wiklis, with hover?
build a draft Wikli, make it clear how to edit.
move feedblitz html form onsite
attach wikli-fix rss to pipes, feedblitz, etc
update feedblitz subscriber widget
same format for Wikli signup and Wikli-item create buttons
new members feed, only if there are new membs
update twitterzens to be more explanatory
add an RSS bug to the blogossiphere
iftag -- "draft", then link to "Wikli" otherwise to current one
wikli:_flickr -- can I center 1-3 images?
collapsible -- final paragraph is spaced differently
pipes blogossiphere -- resolve title-shortener ($1)
blogossiphere images -- hover, show title
photos -- update gallery css to make darker backgrounds
v QUESTIONABLE ------------------------------- POSSIBLE ^
regulars -- maybe we should just rely on the current system of included items.
wikli-item:cinema draw from a feed (nested modules...)
pipes blogossiphere -- hover -- show the blog's first paragraph
can we call this CSS class in the latest photos section?
Wikli:current -- draw from wikli + wikli-item separately?
v NOT YET POSSIBLE ---------------------- QUESTIONABLE ^
wikli:_items, insert variables for start and enddates
wikli:_items, default-out %%author%% (@@) w/include
Can we ListPage (start, wikli:current) using included variables?
Select by date OR by tag, and still have a single list?
for top menu listpages links, inline modules?
wikli:_items, vertical align comments link, line it up with "more"
in Wikli:_footer, alt text for q.png
Wikli-fix pipe -- regex the link to Wikli:2010-05-26
wikli-fix: exclude %%content{4}%% from RSS feed?
make Wikli-fix like Wikli-item -- small pic, short text, collapsible
layout:wikli, wikli-fix listpage created_at = "="
wikli-fix -- how to link to items without reloading the page?
front page -- ListPage the latest wikli alert, link to good stuff.
move wikli alerts to listpages-based feed
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