Our Blogossiphere is a section of the Wikli. It helps you keep your ear to the ground by pulling titles and images from recent blog posts about the neighborhood. If something piques your interest, you can follow the link to its source. (more)
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Columbia Citizen
(From Why wiki?) — If you're a Columbia Citizen, you know who you are, and you'll find no hard & fast definitions here. Sure, you might live in Hillman City, Brighton, Lakewood, Rainier Vista, Genesee, Seward Park — or some other even more exotic place. Feel welcome to visit and to contribute here. (more)
Columbia City
Superlatives aside, this is our neighborhood in southeast Seattle's Rainier Valley. Its center is a designated Landmark District, which occupies five blocks of Rainier Avenue South. (more)
Columbia Citizens have an active discussion board. Discussions are made up of comments (posts), which are lodged in discussion threads Comments are time-stamped, and edits are largely limited to the original author. (more)
This part of our site is a decentralized "lending library" for neighbors. It helps you find things you'd like to borrow and offer things you're ready to lend. They could be tools, books, kitchen items, or anything else that's easily shared. (more)
Pages are the wiki's building blocks. Each contains a title and contents. Pages are meant to be collaborative — across most of the site, users can create new pages or edit existing ones. (more)
According to Wiktionary, "a wiki (wĭʹkē) or (wēʹkē), is a collaborative website which can be directly edited using only a web browser, often by anyone with access to it." (more)
the informal e-flyer of Columbia Citizens. In one space, on one page, it pulls together the neighborhood's news, alerts, events, and discussion, drawing from what neighbors bring to the site. And it comes together every week, just about. It's our weekly wikithe Wikli. (more)
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