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still to do
improve the back-arrow iconEdit LinkRemove
min-width wider in "item" columnEdit LinkRemove
_template -- "post another neighborrow item", with iconEdit LinkRemove
usernames w/ spaces break ListPages select + PM feedEdit LinkRemove
hover "sort" above headers, include for "_pointers"Edit LinkRemove
form: replace/hide "Edit Neighborrow" during editingEdit LinkRemove
form: rename "Title" to "item"Edit LinkRemove
contact info "(none provided -- send a private message)"Edit LinkRemove
_signature: detect user, invite to create/change neighbor pageEdit LinkRemove
create neighbor pages, link to all their items, contact infoEdit LinkRemove
form: field width varies across browsersEdit LinkRemove
form: make it work like a page editEdit LinkRemove
form: possible to put wiki editor-buttons?Edit LinkRemove
default table width: 100% -- apply to listpages generallyEdit LinkRemove
allow for a "wanted" tag?Edit LinkRemove
neighborrow list
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