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still to do
comments -- "respond to this item"Edit LinkRemove
dress up the links box at bottomEdit LinkRemove
how to "fix" wikli-items? block edits? Necessary?Edit LinkRemove
how to show comments, but initially hide the comment box?Edit LinkRemove
in edit mode, change to "Edit THIS Wikli item"Edit LinkRemove
Call the layout via include?Edit LinkRemove
later: radio-buttons to choose email or logon signature?Edit LinkRemove
later: URL field -- link to offsite (for title + image)Edit LinkRemove
later: default comment titles to the page titleEdit LinkRemove
later: display PDF imagesEdit LinkRemove
later: wiki field -- possible to put editor buttons in?Edit LinkRemove
later: wiki field -- doesn't render includes, images?Edit LinkRemove
later: optional images -- how to pull from offsite?Edit LinkRemove
later: "add an image" only visible to %%created_by%%Edit LinkRemove
later: email, default to %%created_by%%Edit LinkRemove
Click me to edit !Edit LinkRemove
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