The Chinook Book is back! It's Seattle's guide to simple, approachable, affordable ideas for local living. As a coupon book, it's incredibly easy to use. I penciled it out — last year our family saved just about $150 without even trying.

This is a no-nonsense fundraiser for Graham Hill School, southeast Seattle's most integrated elementary.


Here's a sampling:

  • $5 off a $50 purchase at PCC, and about $70 more in discounts from other area groceries
  • $15 off at any Bartell Drugs
  • $15 off at Stewart Lumber on Rainier
  • Four half-price scoops at Full Tilt Ice Cream
  • $10 off at Bike Works.
  • 20% off your purchase at Retroactive Kids
  • Four free metro tickets
  • Four free walk-on ferry passes
  • Plus meaningful discounts at Goodwill, REI, restaurants, theaters, and more.
  • And there's a lot more — take a look.
if you buy, it costs: and the school gets:
a physical book $20 $10
a mobile coupon pack $10 $6
both a book and a mobile pack $25 $11

Last year these sales helped us fund tutors, the Powerful Schools program, and busing for after-school programs.

May I sell you one? I'll bring it right to you. Let me know — moc.liamtoh|nalpttocs#moc.liamtoh|nalpttocs, 329-5912. Thanks.


This year at the Chinook checkout, you've got a choice — paper, smartphone, or both.

For years I've been a fan of the paper books. They've got more than 500 local coupons, useful ideas, and lots of pointers to area resources. We usually keep one handy when we're about town.

But the mobile coupons are really convenient, because they're always in your pocket. A coupon pack includes more than 400 coupons (identical to the book, minus the ones for individual grocery items).

  • As you travel around town, you can locate coupons that are nearby.
  • You can easily search for retailers by name.
  • You can tag coupons you plan to use.
  • You can share a coupon pack across three different phones.
  • Mobile coupons are valid until 8/31/2012 and are available on iPhone or Android.

The pack is a slim brochure with an unlock code tucked into the rear flap. Download the free Chinook app, enter the code, and your coupons are loaded. If you buy the mobile coupon pack together with the paper book, that's $25. If you buy it separately, it's $10.

Below I've pasted images from a bunch of the coupons we used last year and plan to redeem this year. Browse them and see if they'd be useful to you too.

Photo%20Sep%2025%2C%207%2006%2037%20AM.jpg Photo%20Sep%2025%2C%207%2007%2051%20AM.jpg Photo%20Sep%2025%2C%207%2012%2041%20AM.jpg

Loading and locating relevant coupons is easy. Below is a selection of nearby deals we've used — grab the scrollbar at the bottom to check them out. Or check out this south Seattle map.

Photo%20Sep%2025%2C%208%2045%2004%20AM.png Photo%20Sep%2025%2C%208%2045%2011%20AM.png Photo%20Sep%2025%2C%208%2045%2017%20AM.png Photo%20Sep%2025%2C%208%2045%2022%20AM.png Photo%20Sep%2025%2C%208%2045%2030%20AM.png Photo%20Sep%2025%2C%208%2045%2036%20AM.png Photo%20Sep%2025%2C%208%2045%2041%20AM.png Photo%20Sep%2025%2C%208%2045%2051%20AM.png Photo%20Sep%2025%2C%208%2046%2002%20AM.png Photo%20Sep%2025%2C%208%2046%2007%20AM.png Photo%20Sep%2025%2C%208%2046%2011%20AM.png Photo%20Sep%2025%2C%208%2046%2016%20AM.png Photo%20Sep%2025%2C%208%2046%2021%20AM.png
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